CODM Season 5 Tropical Vision

CODM Season 5 Tropical Vision : Everything You Need to Know

CODM Season 5 Tropical Vision is about to arrive. It will bring a New weapon and the first-ever female-led Battle Pass featuring the Echo Grenade, and more.

The new Apocalypse Multiplayer map will make this season even more exciting.

CODM Season 5

CODM Season 5 will go live on 1 June 2022 at 5 PM PT. 

New Map : Apocalypse 

Activision is bringing ‘Apocalypse’ which has sand dunes and the tropics. On this map, players can transform into a super-soldier and unlock new types of gear and abilities.

They can explore it with the latest weapon Oden, Echo Grenade, and a new signature attachment for the RPD.

Image Via Activision

Battle Pass:

This season’s battle pass is special. A new female-cast will lead this battle pass. Moreover, there is a bunch of exciting skins and a lot of content on the Tropical theme.

Free Pass Tiers :

  • Echo – Tiki Troops shotgun (Tier 26)
  • Oden AR (Tier 21)
  • From the Grave Calling Card (Tier 50)

Premium Pass Tiers :

The premium Battle Pass holders will get the following content available in Tropical Vision stream –

  • Rampage
  • Park — Survivor
  • Rivas — Smuggler
  • Rosa – Animal Instincts

In addition, there are Weapon Blueprints for the AK-47, MSMC, PKM, and the Kilo Bolt-Action.

New Weapon : Oden 

A new assault rifle – Oden is arriving this season. It has slow firing but high damage. Players can use it for cover fire and defence. 

Battle Royale Event :

In battle royale mode, there will be a new event. The Flood Team Bravo event is based on a tropical storm that has flooded the map severely. 

Water pumps must be strengthened throughout the area to assist Soap and Team Bravo in extracting the water. So to earn event points and progress on the reward track, players must complete General and Special Tasks in multiplayer and battle royale. 

Players who complete the event will receive the Soap “Vacay Ready” operator skin.

Season 5 Tropical Vision will bring new seasonal challenges to players. 

Activision has also highlighted UI improvements that will be included in the update, including a new multiplayer lobby background, improved visibility of the Clan Wars main lobby, and more.

To sum up, the new map and battle royale event will surely be a thrilling experience. 

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