CODM Season 5:

CODM Season 5: In Deep Water – Everything You Need to Know

Activision revealed today CODM Season 5 : Deep Water. Season 4 is about to end, and the new season update arrives soon. Moreover, the new season brings new maps, weapons and events. 

CODM Season 5:

The fifth season is slated to begin on June 29 at 7pm CT. In addition, it will arrive with a new battle pass that costs 220 CP. This features 50 tiers of rewards that players must climb through by playing multiplayer and battle royale fights.

In recent days, the developers have teased plenty of new features for the upcoming season of COD Mobile. Upcoming season promises new weaponry, events, awards, Epic operators, and maps.

New Maps:

CODM Season 5 brings the following new maps –

  1. Suldal Harbor

This map is a remake of ‘Harbor’ map from the COD Modern Warfare. Activision teased this map on social media.

(Image Cr: Activision)
  1.  Docks

This map is a part of COD Modern Warfare. It is exclusively for 2v2 fights. Activision teased this map too, on social media.

(Image Cr: Activision)
  1.  Aniyah Incursion

In Season 3 of the popular COD game, another 6v6 from COD Modern Warfare was launched. Aniyah Incursion is a tiny variant of Aniyah Palace from Modern Warfare, and it’s suitable for short- and mid-range flights.

In contrast, the map is separated into many sub-regions and may be used in different modes such as Search and Destroy, Domination, Hardpoint, and more.

(Image Cr: Activision)

New Weapons:

Activision has yet to make any public announcements about In Deep Water. According to teasers, the new season will feature two new weapons and at least one new map.

The CR-56 AMAX and the 725 from Modern Warfare could be the weaponry. The former is an assault rifle, while the latter is a shotgun with two barrels. When it comes to CODM season 5, it will be the first of its type.

To sum up, the new season looks exciting. Players are waiting for the new maps and the Battle Pass. 

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