CODM Season 6

CODM Season 6 – To The Skies : New Weapons, Battlepass and More 

Activision has announced CODM Season 6 – To The Skies. It will go live with the upcoming update. 

This season looks very exciting as the dev team adds a new aircraft vehicle ‘Jackal’. It will be available in the new theme mode. 

Release Date and Time :

CODM Season 6 : To The Skies goes live on 29 June 2022 at 5 PM PT. 

CODM Season 6 Details :

New Multiplayer Map: Favela

Favela is landscaped in Rio de Janeiro’s slums, based on the Call of Duty : Ghosts iteration of this classic map. 

Players can have close-range fights in Favela’s winding streets. Also, they must keep an eye out for snipers in the rubble. The map is made in such a way that it is easier to flank and win.

Image Via Activision

It is a  medium-sized map that contains elements for all playstyles, with a preference for a mix of tactical and rapid-fire engagements.

New Aircraft :

The new aircraft ‘Jackal’ will allow players to fight in the skies. It has equipments like missiles, decoys, and a Gatling Gun. 

While flying, your HUD will display other jets, whether enemy-controlled or friendly controlled or non-manned. 

In addition, players can get rewards like the Epic KN-44 – Silver Jet in the “JACKAL : Fueled Up” Themed Event.

Activision also added an anti-aircraft gun which players can use to destroy Jackals. 

Image Via Activision

Battle Pass Free Tiers :

At Tier 21, you can get your hands on a precision SMG in the form of the three-round burst KSP 45. This season’s free rewards also include a variety of camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the Sky Sentry Calling Card at Tier 50.

Battle Pass Premium Tiers :

Purchase the Battle Pass to gain access to all of the To the Skies content, which includes the following –

  • Wraith — Disruptor, 
  • Reyes — SCAR Pilot, 
  • Sophia — Shadow, and the 
  • tactical robot Ethan — Flying Sharks

New Weapon Blueprints –

  • Man-O-War
  • Chicom
  • JAK-12
  • Locus
  • New KSP 45

To sum up, this season is going to be super exciting with the new aircraft. Players must not miss out on the new event mode!

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