CODM Season 7: Everything You Need to Know

CODM Season 7 is about to arrive. It will bring along new maps, game modes, weapons and skins. Players are very excited for this new season.

COD Mobile has been on a roll recently, with new seasons providing some of the year’s most significant additions.

New teasers are already hinting at what’s next, following the introduction of Undead Siege and a tie-in Aether Hunt event during Season 6.

CODM Season 7: Release Date

For now, Activision is yet to make an official announcement. Also, the exact date is unknown, but the update will arrive very soon.

Moreover, Season 6 ends on August 26. So we can expect the update on the 27th. 

New Map:

The new season brings a new map ‘Monastery’. Monastery is a three-lane level that looks a lot like the others in the game. 

In Domination mode, it has a massive two-story building in the centre, which will make the fight for the ‘B’ flag rather intriguing.

This new map is an exclusive design designed from the ground up for the mobile game, following a brief testing phase and an early debut in China.

The other map may be Scrapyard 2019. They revealed Scrapyard as the scene for a background lobby screen in early leaks. It is a remastered map from Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Battle Pass & Skins

According to the leaks, the premium Battle Pass for CODM Season 7 will include Dame and Griggs operator skins.

(Image Cr: Activision)

They are also anticipated to be joined by the new Hades LMG. From tier 21 of the Battle Pass, free-to-play users can get the base version of the Hades. 

In addition, Premium Battle Pass holders will get access to an epic blueprint for the new tier 50 weapon.

In conclusion, CODM Season 7 looks amazing. Let’s see what exciting things the new maps bring. And the awaited, latest skins!

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