Commonwealth Games 2022

Commonwealth Games 2022 Esports to Be A Pilot Event

Commonwealth Games 2022 Esports event will be featuring some famous esports titles. The Global Esports Federation and Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) came together to announce the inclusion of Esports in the event.

Esports is growing globally. Many countries consider esports to be equal to actual sports. With the Commonwealth Games 2022, esports will grow one step ahead. 

Commonwealth Games 2022 Esports :

The Commonwealth Games 2022 at Birmingham City, England will feature a small esports event. It will be similar to the demonstration event of Asian Games 2018.

At Asian Games 2018, featured some of the esports titles with a medal event. In contrast, Tirth Mehta won a Bronze medal for India in the HearthStone game. 

This year the Hangzhou Asian Games will feature a number of esports games like PUBG Mobile, DOTA2, FIFA, Hearthstone and more. 

After that, esports may become a part of the Commonwealth Games as a main event in 2026.

However, this time, these events will have separate branding, medals and organisation. 

The Commonwealth Games 2022 will be held between 28 July – 8 August 2022. The esports event goes live between 6-7 August. Moreover, CGF is yet to announce the games for the event. 

One of the recommendations in the CGF’s strategic roadmap is to investigate esports. Hamilton, Canada’s frontrunner for the 2030 event, is also said to be interested in including esports.

Despite some traditionalists’ objections, others argue that such changes are necessary to engage newer audiences. 

Esports athletes from around the world will compete in the events. Also, the fans will witness the highest level of competition in the event.

To summarise, esports will be fascinating as ‘Commonwealth events’ for the first time. The esports industry will gain worldwide support, and it will leave a positive image about gaming as a career.

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