Riot Games might introduce crosshair profiles in Valorant

According to a leak by Valorant data miner Valorleaks, Crosshair profile might be coming to the game soon. This feature will allow players to create and save Crosshairs for easier later use. However, Riot Games has not confirmed anything regarding this.

This feature will help players to quickly swap between different Crosshairs and select the one that suits them. Moreover, players can be able to save up to 10 Crosshair profiles which are more than enough. Players can change these Crosshair profiles quickly while playing the game to try new Crosshairs. 

Importance of Crosshair in Valorant

Crosshair is one of the most critical aspects of tactical FPS games. The type of Crosshair a player uses heavily impacts the aim of the player. Some players prefer tiny crosshairs, whereas some players prefer large Crosshairs. The Crosshair type completely depends upon personal preference, but it matters a lot while aiming. Hence, selecting a suitable Crosshair for a player is very crucial. 

Choosing a suitable Crosshair for a player is challenging as there is no option to save the previously used Crosshair settings. However, implementation of this new feature will help players a lot to select suitable Crosshairs. 

It is unclear when Riot Games will implement this feature in the game as they have not officially revealed anything.

Valorant agent-specific key bindings

Riot Games has also commented about the addition of the Agent specific key binds. This feature will allow the players to set different key bindings to different agents. This feature will help those players who usually play more than one agent.

For example, the players can assign the flash ability of different agents to a single key, so when players switch between agents, it will be easier for them as they only have to remember the key bind for flash. 

Valorant is a new game, it has only been around one year since its launch. The developers are working hard to improve the features of the game. Moreover, since the game’s release, developers try to connect with the fans to provide the features that fans want. 

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