CS:GO August 1 Update

Patch Notes of CS:GO August 1 Update

Valve has unexpectedly released the CS:GO August 1 update with some interesting new changes to the game. 

The new update brings changes to the Ember map (Danger Zone mode), major changes in the matchmaking system, and additional changes to game instructors.

CS:GO August 1 Update Patch Notes

Following are the patch notes of the latest CS:GO update.


The Cannons, a unique weapon that players can access and employ on the map in Ember, have been tweaked by the developers. Some gamers have complained that the cannons don’t seem to be functioning properly since the July update. That appears to have been resolved now based on the vast list of changes in this week’s patch.

  • Changes to Cannons:
  1. Altered the angle that the North cannon face
  2. Cannons can now be aimed upwards, and is now 2x faster
  3. Now have 3 firing speeds (change with mouse2)
  4. Reduced inaccuracy multiplier
  5. Killfeed now shows weapon icon
  6. Produce a beefy screen shake and more particle effects
  7. Base model now also rotates
  8. Added damage falloff to cannonballs after their initial collision
  9. Fixed being able to bumpmine away from cannon and keep control
  10. Fixed cannons continuing to turn when no longer in use
  • Added bus to bus stop outside Industry


The game instructor has also received some bug fixes, and it should now correctly reload the saved status if it is disabled and then enabled. In competitive games, its floating tips should be disabled as well.

The matchmaking system has received the most significant changes in the recent patch. Valve has adjusted skill groupings and reset each player’s ranking. Players must now have at least one victory in order to change their skill group.

  • Multiple changes to the competitive matchmaking algorithm, which will require Skill Groups to be recalibrated for accuracy. Your Skill Group will not be visible until you win your next match.
  • Game instructor should now correctly reload the saved state if it is disabled and re-enabled.
  • Game instructor floating hints are disabled in competitive matches.

Valve has been working hard to improve the gameplay experience for CS:GO, especially since the release of Valorant. Since the past year, CS:GO has received multiple important updates, improving the quality of gameplay. However, it will be interesting to see how the community reacts to the CS:GO August 1 update.

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