CSGO Major 2022

CSGO Major 2022 to be Held at Antwerp : Dates, Schedule and More

CSGO Major 2022 is all set to begin in May 2022. PGL is hosting this year’s first CSGO Major at Antwerp, Belgium. Announcing the event, the official blog post wrote –

“Bucharest, February 2, 2022 – PGL Major Stockholm 2021 was the most successful CS:GO event in history, and we are delighted to announce that we are going to host the first Major of the year, PGL CS:GO MAJOR ANTWERP 2022, in Belgium.”

Last year, the PGL Major Stockholm broke all the CSGO viewership records. It surpassed DOTA2, Valorant and Fortnite with 2 million viewers. Another action event is on the way for all CSGO fans. 

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CSGO Major 2022 : Dates 

The CSGO Major 2022 is likely to begin on 9 May 2022. It will end on 22 May. 

PGL will host RMR tournaments. These events will decide the teams for CSGO Major 2022.

It is going to be a LAN event and the tickets will be available soon. The main event will take place inside Antwerp’s Sportpaleis. 

The venue is a multipurpose hall with a capacity of 23,000 people. Fans can visit the arena and cheer for their favourite team. 

Another reason why Valve chose Antwerp is the fanbase in Belgium. It is in the center of Europe and many legendary players were born in this country. The location is 30 minutes away from the Brussels airport, which makes it accessible to anyone.

Natus Vincere (NaVi) won the PGL Major Stockholm against G2 Esports. They also won the CSGO Blast Premier 2021.

NaVi’s ‘S1mple’, is one of the finest CS:GO players in the world. He won the title of ‘Esports Player of the Year’ at Esports Awards 2021. 

Moreover, NaVi has won the majority of CS:GO events in 2021. It will be exciting to watch NaVi and other teams once again.

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