CSGO Major 2023

CSGO Major 2023 May Be Held in France

CSGO Major 2023 may be held in France. According to Dexerto’s report, the very first Major of 2023 will be in May.

CS:GO Majors are the biggest international tournaments. For the very first time, BLAST may host a CS:GO Major in 2023. 

BLAST is also one of the big tournament organisers, hosting popular CSGO circuits as “Blast Premier”.  They host tournaments across all the regions, then an event as “Spring Finals”, another as “Fall Finals”. Moreover, these events conclude with the “World Finals”. 

It also includes 12 partner teams and an open qualifier path, allowing squads from all over the world to compete in the finals. For several years, the organiser has been lauded by players, fans, and talent, who have asked Valve to allow BLAST to host one of the Majors in the near future.

CSGO Major 2023 :

Reports suggest that Blast will organise the CSGO Major 2023 in May 2023 in Paris, France. HLTV may confirm this news soon. Valve, the publisher, would sponsor this event.  

With this, the Major will return to Europe, after its next event at Rio, Brazil. The upcoming Rio Major will go live between  October 31 to November 13, 2022 in Rio. 

Moreover, the tentative dates for CSGO Major Paris are 8 – 21 May 2023, just like this year’s PGL Major Antwerp in May. FaZe Clan were the champions of this event. 

Image Via PGL

BLAST’s approach to hosting a Major appears to have shifted in recent years, with Managing Director Charlotte Kenny telling Pley.gg that “BLAST is always interested in hosting a Major” and that one will be organised “when the time is right.”

On Wednesday, BLAST’s Chief Innovation Officer Nicolas Estrup teased in a Tweet and the BLAST Premier account retweeted it, saying “2023 is going to be… wild,” in an apparent reference to the upcoming Paris Major announcement.

In conclusion, we may see official announcements in the near future. Blast would surely make this event spectacular. 

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