COD Mobile 2

Digital Legends Entertainment officially teases COD Mobile 2 

Digital Legends Entertainment has officially teased COD Mobile 2 in a recent recruitment post on Twitter. 

DLE joined Activision in October 2021 and completely shut down its mobile game, The Respawnables. After shutting down their game, the partnership with Activision confirms that the DLE was working on some new venture.

Activision posted job listings for Warzone Mobile in 2021. However, all the fans were skeptical if Warzone Mobile would be coming to mobile. 

CODM2 (or Warzone Mobile) has been rumored since the beginning of 2021. However, there was no official news about it. Recently, Digital Legends Entertainment posted job listings to fill vacancies for their upcoming project on their official Twitter handle. 

The post caption reads, “We are looking for passionate talent to work with us on the development of an unannounced mobile title within the Call of Duty® universe.” 

This post clarifies that Call of Duty is expanding its universe on the Mobile platform. This job listing seems for the same project, Warzone Mobile, which Activision posted earlier in 2021. 

COD Mobile 2 will possibly be cross-platform and a separate game from COD Mobile 

COD Mobile fans are into a lot of fantastic stuff if Warzone Mobile becomes a reality. The COD franchise has proven itself one of the best gaming franchises in the past couple of decades, with several popular games.

On the other hand, the battle royale mode of COD Mobile is not the best battle royale out in the industry, even after the release of Alcatraz and Blackout maps. Hence, with the release of Warzone Mobile, the COD Mobile may become a multiplayer-only game.

When will COD Mobile 2 release?

Judging by the job listings, we speculate that Warzone Mobile is already in the development phase. COD Mobile 2 release date will be around November 2022, as the new title of COD for PCs and Consoles will release around that time. 

Players can expect the new title to support mobile, PC, and Consoles cross-platform. However, Activision has not yet confirmed it. Besides, according to the rumours, the game is being developed on the Unreal Engine.  

It will be exciting to see what will be the new features of COD Mobile 2 will be different from the original COD Mobile. However, we still have to wait for some official announcements from Activision and Digital Legends Entertainment.


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