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Valorant: How to Redeem the Duality Player Card, Step by Step

The Valorant Champions Tour Reykjavik recently concluded. Riot Games released a cinematic video for Duality. In addition, presented the Duality player card to highlight the event.

About Duality Player Card:

If there’s one thing Valorant fans adore, it’s getting their hands on some new cosmetics to add to their collection. Riot Games’ flagship FPS has it all, from cosmetics to gun pals, sprays to cards.

The game’s one-year anniversary approaches. And there are rumours of a new Agent joining the fray on Future Earth. Along with this, the latest cinematic, Duality, has added to the excitement.

In contrast, Riot adds a Duality Card. Earlier, it was available for a limited time. But now, Riot removed the time limit as players faced issues in getting it.

You’ll need to input a particular code on the official website to get your Valorant Duality card. That code is YTILAUD, which is the reverse of the word “duality.”

How To Claim a Card? 

There are a few tasks you must complete in order to receive your card. While they’re rather simple, they do require some patience.

(Image CR: Riot Games)

1. Go to redeem.playvalorant.com to get started.

As previously said, the site is extremely busy. It can take up to 30 seconds for it to load.

Refresh and wait if you get a “504 Gate-Way TimeOut” error.

2. ‘Sign in with your Riot Account’ is the option to choose.

If the 504 problem reappears, simply close the error tab and click “sign in” again.

3. When prompted, enter the code ‘YTILAUD‘ (it doesn’t matter if it’s not 12 digits.)

If the issue appears, do the same thing: refresh and you’ll be ok.

4. Hop into the game.

5. Go to “Collection” and then “Arsenal.”

6. Select ‘Player Card’ from the drop-down menu.

7. Your Duality card shall be in your collection and you can use it.

However, due to high volume traffic, gamers have faced issues in getting the card. So, now there is no time limit. You can get it anytime now.

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