bugs and Exploits in Valorant

Due to Bugs and Exploits in Valorant, Riot Games Disables Three Agents

After a day of release of Patch 4.04, Riot has disabled Astra and Yoru due to bugs and exploits in Valorant. However, Riot Games fixed the bugs caused by Yoru and Astra but later disabled Cypher for the same reason. 

Yoru rework was in making for months, and his temporary discontinuation made the community unhappy. However, the bug has been solved and now Yoru is ready to queue.

Agents Bugs and Exploits in Valorant

Yoru Bugs and Exploits in Valorant:

Yoru was disabled from the competitive queue because some players were not able to activate Yoru’s ultimate ability, Dimensional Drift. Moreover, there was also a bug that allowed the players to plant Spike while in Dimensional Drift. 

Astra Bugs and Exploits in Valorant:

While playing Astra, players were able to sell their default star and get Creds back. This allowed them to purchase powerful weapons such as Bucky, Marshal or Stinger in pistol rounds. 

Riot solved the issues with both of the agents with a hotfix update. However, as soon as the hotfix update was released, Riot tweeted that Cypher has been disabled from queuing.

Cypher Bugs and Exploits in Valorant:

The Cypher bug was crashing the entire server, kicking every player out of the match. This bug was triggered when Cypher placed its Trap Wire on the Hookah Door at Site B in Bind. The bug allowed the players to abandon the match, while in a losing position, without any consequences.

Players won’t be able to play Cypher until Riot releases the hotfix update for the bug. It usually takes between 12 hours to 1 day to hotfix any bug. As soon as the agent is fixed, players will be able to play Cypher.

Riot Games has a good track record of hot fixing bugs and exploits in Valorant. The team always tries to provide a fair gaming experience for all the players. As soon as the Astra and Yoru bugs came into notice, Riot hot fixed it as early as possible. We can expect Riot to fix the Cypher bug as soon as possible.

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