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Enigma Gaming Eliminated from VCT APAC Challengers Stage 2

Enigma Gaming was eliminated from the Play-ins of VCT APAC Challengers Stage 2. This was their last chance in the Play-in stage.

Enigma Gaming represented South Asia as they became the runner-up of Skyesports Champions Series 2022. It was the first ever Valorant LAN in India. 

Moreover, Enigma became the first team to reach the finals, and qualify for APAC through the upper bracket.  

Since they were the runner-up of the event, they had to compete in the Play-ins first. Meanwhile, Global Esports, the winners of SCS 2022, will directly fight in the Group Stage. 

The Group Stage is yet to begin. All the fans will be eying for GE at the APAC Challengers. 

Enigma Gaming in APAC Stage 2 :

Enigma Gaming had to face defeat in their first match against MiTH on 10 June. Made in Thailand (MiTH) defeated them by 2-1. 

In the decider match, they fought against Cereberus Esports. 

Initially, Enigma won the first map – Haven. But things didn’t go well for them in the next two matches, and Cerberus Esports defeated Enigma with a score of 2-1.  

With this, their journey in the APAC Stage 2 has ended. It was quite disheartening for the fans to see such an early elimination of Enigma. 

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Group Stage :

MiTH from Group A and Bleed Esports from Group B have qualified for the next stage as both of them have won 2 matches. 

The decider matches on 12 June will determine 2 more teams going to the next stage. 

After that, the Group Stage goes live on 15 June.  It will be GE’s turn to represent the entire South Asia. 

Global Esports is one of the finest teams in South Asia. They have represented India in 2021 and 2022 – APAC Stage 1. 

They will compete against Alter Ego on 15 June. So let’s cheer for them!

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