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Epic Games Store Starts Closed Beta for Self Publishing

Epic Games is launching a beta programme that will allow publishers and developers to contribute their own content to the Epic Games Store. However, self-publishing is coming to its PC marketplace to test the platform.

Moreover, the Epic Games Store will now allow developers and publishers to launch their own games. It works in a similar way to Steam Direct. 

The beta is now invite-only, but anyone interested can apply to be considered.

Epic Games Store: Self-Publishing

  • Successful applicants can set up their own product pages.
  • In contrast, Publishers and devs can put their own pricing and discounts.
  • In addition, they can upload builds and updates, without taking the help of Epic Games Store team.


Epic Games have put some restrictions on the games and content devs can publish. However, on other platforms, people have the liberty to publish whatever they want.

They restrict pornography, anything that infringes on IP not owned or licensed by the developer or publisher. Hateful, discriminatory or illegal content are strictly prohibited.

Impact on the Market:

It’s a move that aligns the store with top marketplace Steam. It’s one that the business hopes will help it “expand quicker than ever before.” 

There are now 650 games and apps available in the marketplace. Epic Games Store currently boasts 58 million monthly active users.

In January, Valve said that Steam has 120 million monthly active users.

Their official website says, “Sign up is now open to participate in a closed beta for a new suite of Epic Games Store self-publishing tools. 

These new tools streamline the process for developers to set up their own product pages, achievements, pricing, offers, and upload builds and updates on the Epic Games Store.

If you’re a developer and you’ve wanted to get your game on the Epic Games Store and in front of its 58 million monthly active users, submit your content for closed beta consideration.”

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