EPWA: Esports Players Welfare Association Launches in India

EPWA, a non profit organisation launched today in India. Their aim is to safeguard the rights of esports players. In addition, they will help esports players in their careers.

Currently, the organization’s membership services provide assistance to players and streamers in India.

Their main services are –

  • Esports updates
  • Webinars
  • tournament information 
  • policy changes
  • career information

About EPWA:

Mr. Ritesh Nath started this organisation. He is a former employee of Nielsen Sports and Entertainment and Stepathlon Lifestyle.

In contrast, Mr. Amar Ratnam of Entity Gaming will be in charge of liaising between the players and the industry. He is a former esports player.

EPWA aims to help the esports community with legal guidance, career advice, conflict resolution, and community building.

Esports players can sign up on the official website of EPWA.

EPWA Membership:

There are following two memberships available –

Silver Membership:

This membership is free of cost. It gives you the following benefits –

  1. Esports India Updates
  2. Monthly Tournament Updates
  3. Free Webinars
  4. Policy Updates
  5. Career Information

Gold Membership:

The Gold membership costs Rs 299. Its benefits are –

  1. All Benefits of Silver Membership
  2. Legal Advice
  3. Dispute Resolution
  4. Sponsorship Contract Advice
  5. Tournament Contract Advice

However, this membership is better, as you can get legal advice as well as dispute resolution. 

Moreover, the sponsorship advice is very beneficial in an esports players’ career.


  • To enter into a legally binding agreement, the Applicant must be of sound mind and mentally fit. 
  • If a player is under 18 years of age, the player has to take written consent from their legal guardian.
  • The applicant must be an Esports player. They must be serious about pursuing a career in esports. 
  • Moreover, the applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • Also, the player should not have any pending criminal proceedings in the court.
  • However, players can be a part of any third party agreement or contract. This won’t affect their enrollment with EPWA.

In conclusion, this is a great step to support the Indian gaming community. Esports players can now get help for their career. Moreover, this will ensure a fair treatment with gamers.

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