Erangel 3.0

BGMI: Erangel 3.0 to Arrive Soon Having a Futuristic Look

Erangel 3.0 will arrive very soon in BGMI. Krafton has released BGMI Early Access on the Google Play Store. Moreover, the entire version may come anytime. 

(Image Cr: Krafton)

Erangel 3.0:

Erangel 3.0 has arrived in PUBG Mobile Global Beta. Its name is ‘Mission Ignition’. It seems a bit similar to PUBG: New State.  

Even the spawn island has a futuristic look with a 3-D map. It has a Tesla Factory near Shelter. However there is no change in the major locations of the map like Georgopol, Military Base and Pochinki. 

The Sosnovka Military Base has an entirely new look. In addition to the old buildings, the remaining space covers a beautiful location. It has huge buildings and a helipad. The building has a working elevator.

(Image Cr: Krafton)

In contrast, there is a drone flying around firing on which gives you supplies.

There are changes to the weapon attachments and scopes. The place has an insane amount of loot.

There’s a robo dog who moves around and marks supplies for players.

The mode is a part of Evoground and has replaced the Payload mode. However, it is not confirmed whether Payload will be removed or not in the actual version.

A new gun – ASM shall arrive along with the update. It uses 5.56mm ammo. 


Krafton released the BGMI Early Access on June 17, 2021. Additionally,Players can now transmit data from the ID of the global version.

A notification in the game indicates the data transfer. In addition, Krafton has addressed the issues with map downloads and matching.

Finally, the players’ accounts from PUBG Mobile Global to Battlegrounds Mobile India were only retrieved through data sharing with third parties. Krafton assures that the data is secure.

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