Team India Wins Bronze at Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022

ESFI Gets Time to Confirm Participation of Team India DOTA 2

Team India DOTA 2 roster may not participate in the upcoming WEC. Since the issues are not solved, ESFI has still not confirmed the team’s participation.

ESFI and the DOTA 2 team who won a bronze medal at Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022 are still stuck in conflicts. 

Moin Aijaz, the team’s captain wants a roster change and refuses to play if ESFI doesn’t. Meanwhile, ESFI says that the team has immense potential and does not need to change.

Also, it is not possible to change the roster at this time. The 14th World Esports Championship got postponed due to Covid. 

However, they had already sent the players’ names and details way before CWG. Only registered players can participate in the event. 

If players refuse to play, then the slot will go to the team who secured 2nd position in India in the qualifiers.

Team India DOTA 2

The team’s captain asked for a roster change even before CWG 2022. ESFI made an exception and agreed to it. 

Now again a roster change, that too with a non-registered player, is creating issues for the participation. Moin will not play if the roster does not change. 

ESFI has also replied to the allegations related to funds and expenses. They took care of all the fast-tracked visas and players travelling to the host country. 

Global Esports Federation :

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) is the body that hosts and manages the World Esports Championship. The 14th WEC will go live in Bali, Indonesia.

GEF has given ESFI time to decide on this matter until the end of regional qualifiers. 

ESFI is also looking for potential sponsors for the team. They already confirmed the participation when Pakistan’s slot dropped due to lack of a sponsor. 

Hopefully, ESFI will once again take care of everything. This is a golden opportunity for team India. Let’s wish for the best.

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