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BLAST Partners with Nike to Launch Esports Apparel

BLAST, a global Esports tournament organiser, has partnered with Nike to launch its own line of Esports Apparel. The apparel will feature the logo of BLAST Premier League in addition to Nike’s logo.

BLAST is one of the largest and most prestigious CSGO tournament organisers across the globe. Although BLAST had its own line of apparel in the past, the collaboration with Nike will be a huge one. 

BLAST to launch its Esports apparel with Nike

BLAST has tweeted a video teasing the new apparel in collaboration with Nike, featuring Mohan “launders” Govindasamy. The teaser video gives us a sneak peek at the T-shirt that will be included in the merch. 

The apparel set includes T-Shirt, Hoodie, Jersey, and Cap. Furthermore, the apparel will launch during the BLAST Premier Fall Group Stage, which is scheduled to take place from the 19th to the 28th of August. Moreover, we speculate that the sale will also start right after its launch.

Faye Marlborough, the head of creative solutions at BLAST, said, “Our ambition is to work with the most reputable brands in the world, and they don’t come much bigger than Nike.” Later, she added, “Gaming has become a lifestyle over the last few years with the rise of esports; we are excited to be able to encapsulate the passion and uniqueness associated with competitive gaming through this collection.”

BLAST and Nike’s collaboration aims to “encapsulate gaming culture and lifestyle” by highlighting the personalities of everybody involved in esports, from competitors to talent staff to behind-the-scenes workers. 

BLAST used to sell their own Esports merch on a dedicated website. However, at the moment, the website is off of the servers. We speculate that the website will launch after the launch of BLAST x Nike’s Esports apparel. It will be exciting to see how the rest of the apparel set will be. Stay tuned to our website for more updates and latest news.

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