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Esports in India : FEAI to Design Framework for Development 

Esports in India is now achieving heights in competition, careers and viewership. The Federation of Electronic Sports Association India (FEAI) is the regulatory body for esports.

FEAI’s main aim is to grow, promote and regulate esports in India. FEAI said that it will release a policy paper as a framework for the development of esports very soon.

Policy for Esports in India 

The paper will seek to support a policy-centered esports view that aims to address the talent development of Indian ecosystem. 

It will focus on talent, businesses, job creation, education, and revenue generation. The FEAI is India’s apex national body for Esports. 

The honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji said – 

“It is imperative that the industry builds games that inspire the youth about our country’s rich heritage. 

Our games should engage, entertain and educate all at the same time.”

Also, honorable Finance Minister, Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman announced the budget for 2022. In this, she mentioned ‘Gaming’. The AVGC Task Force will be set up in India to promote Gaming and Visual Effects.

The AVGC will build a strong foundation for India to realise its true potential of a $5 trillion economy. With a transformative policy orientation, as part of defining a “hybrid model” for Esports, which includes a conventional global outlook with a strong indigenous narrative.

Image via FEAI

ESFI India

ESFI is another major body for Esports in India. They have sent Indian players to play in some of the glorious esports events like Asian Games. 

However, the Indian government is yet to recognise esports as an official sport and the role of these organisations. 

The government has noticed the gaming industry. Keeping a note of careers, new game development and revenue, it will soon make some good policies. To sum up, Esports in India will grow more with this. 

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