Enigma Saggy

Esports Player Enigma Saggy Caught Cheating in BGMI 

Enigma Saggy, the professional esports player was recently caught cheating in BGMI. During a recent stream, a cheating app was seen running in background on his device. 

Saumya Raj aka ‘SaumRaj’ talked about it in his recent stream. S8UL Sid also called him out through an Instagram story. 

Saggy did not accept that he was cheating. Later on, it was found that it is a cheat application for many games on iOS. 

The app name is ‘Winios’ which provides tweaked apps, cheats and jailbreak apps. 

The cheat which Saggy used runs in background and it is not visible in a stream or recording.  

Enigma Saggy :

Sagar ‘Saggy’ Kumar has played for Enigma Gaming India since December 2021. When he used cheats, he was at his home instead of Enigma’s bootcamp.

He has accepted and apologised for his mistake and said that the organisation and other team members did not know about it. Saggy is leaving BGMI esports for now.   

Mr Aryaman Wasan, the founder of Enigma Gaming said, 

“The athlete in question was no longer able to fulfil his obligation of playing from the bootcamp due to attendance at college. 

And therefore, was suspended from competitive play approximately one and a half months ago and has not represented us since then.”

He also said that if they find any player guilty of hacking during their tenure at the organisation, they will face strict actions. 

Cheating in BGMI :

Cheating in BGMI has been a major issue since the launch. At the beginning, cheaters were uncontrollable. 

Even after improvements in the Anti-cheat system, hackers are playing the game.  

To sum up, such acts disappoint the esports community. If players will use cheats, then it will set back years of practice of other players  and those who will come after. Krafton has to work a lot to ensure fair gameplay.

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