Esports Teams in Bangladesh

Esports Teams in Bangladesh Arrested Before A PUBG Mobile LAN

Esports Teams in Bangladesh have been arrested right before a PUBG Mobile LAN Event. 

The incident took place on 20th July 2022, when police rushed at the venue and arrested 120 people including esports players and the management team. A1 Esports, the famous team from Bangladesh, was also there at the venue. 

The Bangladesh government banned PUBG Mobile and Free Fire in August 2021. They said that these are “harmful”, “addictive” games. Since then, PUBG Mobile esports stopped in the country.  

About the event :

T20 Esports, a tournament organiser from Pakistan sponsored this event. Esports Network PK wrote on Instagram –

“Hope the PUBG Mobile officias and Bangladesh government will have a meeting in future, so the game gets unbanned.”

This means that the intention of this event was to show the importance of esports. But playing a banned game is still questionable. 

Moreover, the organiser planned a second LAN for 23rd of July, which now seems impossible. 

Esports Teams in Bangladesh Arrested :

Esports Teams in Bangladesh reached to play the tournament. But the organiser did not request permission from a police station to host this event. 

Therefore the police took action, as soon as they got the information about this event. They took the cards and mobiles from everyone, telling them that some procedures are going on.

According to the Esports Network PK, police will soon release all the athletes and the management team. 

With this, PUBG Mobile fans are still requesting the government to unban the game as it is affecting esports. The government may make new rules for such games, but removing them entirely isn’t a good thing for the growing gaming industry. 

This will also come in the notice of Krafton and Tencent. Hopefully, they will meet the government and come up with a solution. 
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