FaZe Clan Wins PGL Major Antwerp 2022

FaZe Clan Wins PGL Major Antwerp 2022 

PGL Major Antwerp concluded on 22 May with a close fight between FaZe Clan and NAVI. FaZe Clan emerged as the champions of this year’s first CS:GO Major with a score of 2-0. 

They defeated Natus Vincere, the champions of the previous CS:GO Major

On the first map (Inferno), FaZe established a comfortable lead as T, but NAVI managed to mount a comeback and force overtime. Later on, FaZe won with 19:16.

They showed dominant performance as CT on NAVI’s pick, Nuke, and confidently won the series with a final score of 16:10.

Despite a few stumbles, FaZe quickly established a commanding lead.

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PGL Major Antwerp :

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 was a LAN event in Antwerp, Belgium. There were total 3 stages of the event, and the champions stage had a massive live audience. 

The best 8 teams competed in a single elimination bracket between 19-22 May 2022.  

The following teams will play at the final stage :

  1. NAVI
  2. Ninjas in Pyjamas
  3. ENCE
  4. Team Spirit
  5. FaZe Clan
  6. FURIA Esports
  7. Heroic
  8. Copenhagen Flames

Both NAVI and FaZe Clan reached the finals with their amazing performance. In the semifinals, FaZe Clan even took the game to 3 overtime rounds against Team Spirit. 

Viewership Record: 

Once again PGL Major became the second most-viewed CS:GO match in the history of CS:GO. New records were also made in last year’s Major at Stockholm. 

The PGL Major Antwerp final became the most popular match of the tournament by a massive margin. This time, the peak viewership hit 2,048,282 viewers according to Esports Charts.   

The tournament’s peak audience on Twitch was over 1.6 million people, while the peak on YouTube was over 226K concurrent viewers. 

During the final, the tournament reached new highs on English-language (1 million) and Russian-language (502K) broadcasts.

With these matches, this CS:GO Major will be also a memorable one for everyone.

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