Valorant Patch 3.09

Fracture gets some changes in Valorant Patch 3.09

In Valorant Patch 3.09, Riot Games made some changes to Fracture. Developers have added a few new covers to the map, and they have also shifted some map elements.

Fracture is the seventh map of Valorant, and Riot Games released it on the 8th of September 2021 with Episode 3 Act 2. Fracture is a fairly big map as compared to the other six maps of the game. However, it is not yet available in the competitive scenario of the game.

Changes in Fracture map with Valorant Patch 3.09 

Developers have moved the Arcade attacker barrier at the B site more towards the attacking side bridge. This will give defenders a better chance to defend the site.

Image via PlayValorant

On the other hand, they have also moved the defender barrier at A rope to the top of the ropes. Developer wanted to give Sentinels a better opportunity to prepare the site set-up on A site. However, players still have to play the map to see the actual effect of this change. 

Besides this, the ultimate orb near A site is said to be moved towards “more neutral space.” Earlier, the orb was easier to capture by the attacker team, but now it will be tough. 

The final change to the map is a cover provided that will block the line of sight from the entrance of Hall to B Main. This change will affect the gameplay style in Fracture a lot. 

In addition, Riot Games has also nerfed the Classic pistol. Besides this, there are no changes to any other weapons. Click here to read the complete Patch notes of patch 3.09 on Riot Games’ official website. 

The Fracture changes coming with Valorant Patch 3.09 were necessary to some extent as it is a huge map. Valorant is a fairly new game, and the developers are doing a great job maintaining it. 

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