Free Fire 5th Anniversary

Free Fire 5th Anniversary : Garena Collabs with Justin Bieber

Free Fire 5th Anniversary celebration is coming this August. Garena has announced a huge collaboration with Justin Bieber for the event. 

The fifth anniversary, themed “Reunite the World,” brings fan-favorite themed contests, rewards, and giveaways, as well as more collaborations and events both within and outside the game. 

More information about the fifth anniversary event will be released closer to the date.

Free Fire 5th Anniversary : 

For the first time, Garena has collaborated with the famous singer Justin Bieber. So, as part of the game’s fifth anniversary celebrations, Justin Bieber is releasing a new song in Garena Free Fire.

The 5th Anniversary celebration begins on August 27 in which players can join a virtual concert. In addition, fans can dance to the song with emotes, play minigames, and even perform on stage with Justin Bieber’s avatar.

In a press release Justin Bieber said, “This collaboration with Free Fire has allowed us to explore various dimensions in which we can integrate my music with games and I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy what we have worked hard on behind the scenes.”

New Character :

With this collab, Garena is adding a brand new character ‘J Biebs’ in the game. He will arrive with the FF OB35 version. 

Image Via Garena

The character has an ability called Silent Sentinel, which is most likely passive. It allows players and allies within a 6m radius to block 7% of damage with their EP. At the same time, the EP deducted from allies will replenish the player’s EP.

At the highest level, allies within a 12m radius can use their EP to block 15% of damage.

Garena will soon reveal more exciting things for the Anniversary. To sum up, the 5th anniversary seems fantastic with the collab and new character.

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