Free Fire 5th Anniversary

Free Fire 5th Anniversary to commence on the 5th of August

The 5th of August 2022 marks the 5th anniversary of Free Fire, a battle royale game by Garena.

Garena will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the game with a collaboration with the popular Canadian popstar Justin Bieber. An in-game character of Justin Bieber has been added to the game, and will host an in-game virtual concert on the 27th of August. Players can expect a lot more special events and rewards throughout the anniversary period.

Free Fire 5th Anniversary brings a new map, events and rewards

The anniversary event will bring a brand new futuristic map, Nexterra, to the game. This map will feature a lot of interesting locations, such as, Grav Labs, Deca Square, and Museum.

Free Fire will also get a new logo and revamped User Interface (UI) for the anniversary event. Furthermore, the game will also get ‘new visuals’, ‘elevated gaming experience’, and ‘co-creation’.

Garena has also added a 5th anniversary event calendar to the game. The calendar starts on the 4th of August and ends on the 13th of September. This calendar features events that will take place in the anniversary event and claimable rewards throughout the event. Following is the 5th anniversary event calendar.

Image via Garena

Justin Bieber Character: J.Biebs

After several successful partnerships, Garena has collaborated with Justin Bieber, who will appear in the game as the playable character J.Biebs. J.Biebs is already available to players on the OB35 Advance Server. 


Silent Sentinel, a passive ability owned by J.Biebs, assists allies within a six-meter radius in blocking 7 percent damage with EP (Energy Points). 

The player’s EP bar is updated as a result. The damage that is blocked can be increased by raising the ability’s level.

The producer of Free Fire, Harold Teo, said, “The tremendous support we have received from our global community of fans and players over the years has made Free Fire what it is today and this celebration is for them.” Further, he added, “We are excited and humbled to partner with a global icon such as Justin Bieber, whose influence in fashion and music has undoubtedly inspired many worldwide, including our Free Fire community which expresses their own creativity through battling in style.”

Free Fire 5th Anniversary is just around the corner, and Garena did an incredible job with building hype. It will be exciting to see what more events and rewards we will get to see in the anniversary event. For more updates and the latest news, follow our Instagram page and stay tuned to our website.

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