Free Fire Ban in India

Free Fire Ban in India : Government Bans 54 Apps

Free Fire Ban has shocked the Indian Gaming Community. The Indian government has banned Free Fire along with 53 other apps.

On 12 February, Free Fire disappeared from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. There wasn’t any official notice regarding this.

Garena made an official statement that they are looking into the matter. However, many speculated it to be a technical issue. 

Krafton’s Lawsuit on Garena :

On the other hand, many people speculated that the game disappeared due to Krafton’s lawsuit. 

Recently Krafton filed a lawsuit against Garena for Copyright infringement. They alleged Garena for copying Game structure and features of PUBG. 

PUBG (PC) was launched in 2017 and Free Fire came after that. The game was initially available in Singapore. Then it came up with a global launch.

Soon the game became popular worldwide. It also became a part of the esports scenario. In 2021, Free Fire won the title of ‘Esports Mobile Game of the Year’.

However, it’s true that Free Fire has various ‘similarities’ with PUBG. But it isn’t so easy to block a game. Garena and Krafton will come to a settlement in the district court of California.

Free Fire Ban in India :

Free Fire Ban news came up on 14 February. Government released a list of 54 apps that are now removed from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. 

These include a number of Chinese apps. 

Earlier, the government banned many Chinese apps including PUBG. Due to the ban, many clones for these apps showed up on the play store. 

Therefore, this time the government is banning all these clones and both the Free Fire Games.  

To sum up, the Free Fire ban will affect scenarios a lot. It is sad news for all fans in India. 

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