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Free Fire becomes the most-downloaded mobile game of January 2022 worldwide

According to a report by Sensor Tower, Free Fire became the most-downloaded mobile game of January 2022 worldwide with over 24 million installs. This report shows a 51.6 percent increase in Free Fire downloads from 2021. 

India shows the highest percentage, i.e. 25 percent, of total downloads of Free Fire in January 2022. On the other hand, Brazil ranks second with 11.7 percent of total downloads. 

Top Five most-downloaded mobile games of January 2022

The famous battle royale game by Garena, Free Fire, led the most-downloaded mobile games list for January 2022.

On the other hand, the endless runner mobile game by Sybo Games ranked second on the list with over 23.7 installs. It shows a 58.6 percent increase in Subway Surfers downloads from 2021.

India contributes the most number of installs to the game with 20.7 percent of total downloads. On the other hand, the United States ranks second with around 7 percent of total downloads.

Roblox by Roblox Corporation ranks third on the list. Candy Crush Saga by King ranked fourth, whereas Race Master 3D by Say Games ranked fifth. 

Total 5.2 billion downloads were generated only on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. It is important to note that Google Play Store is banned in China, and users there use third-party app stores to download the app.

China is one of the most significant contributors in downloads and revenue collection of mobile games on a global scale. 

It’s worth noting that Sensor Tower only includes downloads from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store in their reports, and it also excludes the downloads generated by third-party shops. As a result, actual downloads for all of these games may be higher than those shown in the report.

It will be exciting to see the most-downloaded mobile game of February, as the government of India banned Free Fire on the 14th of February 2022. The list may see a major shuffle in the ranks due to the ban.

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