Free Fire Booyah Day 2021

Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 Rewards, Skins, and Emotes leaked

Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 will be coming to the game after the Diwali Celebrations. However, even before the conclusion of the Diwali event, the Booyah Day 2021 has already been leaked. 

Events are critical aspects of any game, which keeps the players engaged with the game. Moreover, the list of Booyah Day 2021 leaks is vast and brings many new rewards for all the players. 

Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 rewards leak ahead of its release 

KnightClown, a popular Free Fire Data Miner, uploaded a video showing all the rewards coming with the Booyah Day 2021. Following is the list of all the items that are expected to be released on Booyah Day 2021. 

  • Basketball Life – Banner
  • Booyah Day 2021 – Pin
  • Bone – Raging Fist
  • Bone – Raging Parachute
  • Booyah Day 2021 – Loot Box
  • Bone – Raging Loot Box
  • Grenade – Booyah Day 2021
  • Gloo Wall – Booyah Day 2021
  • Winged Bones – Backpack
  • Pan – Booyah Day 2021
  • Bone – Raging Scythe
  • Sports Car – Booyah Day 2021
  • Monster Truck – Booyah Day 2021
  • UMP – Booyah Day 2021
  • Masked Warlord Bundle
  • Mystic Evil Bundle
  • Alpha Bone – Rager Bundle
  • Beta Bone – Rager Bundle
  • Gamma Bone – Rager Bundle
  • Delta Bone – Rager Bundle
  • Skyrage Skeleton – Emote
  • Dribble King – Emote
  • Golden Combo – Emote
  • Sick Moves – Emote
  • The Chosen Victor – Emote

However, the leak does not mention how players can acquire these rewards. Players might still have to wait to know how to achieve these.

Nonetheless, Garena has not yet officially announced anything regarding the event so far. Besides, KnightClown also uploaded a video of leaks of the Diwali event. However, Garena has not included all the leaked Diwali event rewards yet. Moreover, these are just unofficial leaks and not the final list of rewards in Booyah Day 2021.

Free Fire has always surprised fans with unique events. Moreover, Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 seems to be an exciting event with a ton of rewards for all the fans.

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