Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39: Everything About the Latest Leaks

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39 will arrive soon. Season 38 of the Elite Pass will be available till July 31st. Season 39 of the Free Fire Elite Pass will commence on August 1st.

Players use diamonds to obtain outfits and new emotes. In addition, they can purchase the elite pass to get more rewards.

In the tier-based reward system, players must collect a certain number of badges in order to receive rewards. Moreover, every month, the creators release a new pass that offers a slew of fresh content. Users can earn badges by completing daily and weekly objectives.

Players are looking forward to Season 39 of the Free Fire Elite Pass. Here are all of the most recent details, as well as a few leaked incentives –

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 39:

Elite Pass and Elite Bundle, two paid varieties of the pass, will be available for 499 diamonds and 999 diamonds, respectively. There will also be a pre-order period a few days before the release.

The rewards of the Elite Pass Season 39 were leaked a while ago. Following are some images of the leaks –

(Image Cr: Garena)

Moreover, there are some other cool skins and items with the new elite pass. 

(Image Cr: Garena)

Steps to Buy:

Once the Elite Pass Season 39 arrives, you can purchase it by following the procedures below –

  1. Launch the game and select the “Elite Pass” option.
  2. A new pass will display; select “Upgrade” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select one of the two paid versions and complete the transaction to obtain the pass.

Garena will reveal more rewards and emotes soon. The new elite pass details will be out soon along with an official announcement. With these leaks, the upcoming elite pass looks cool. 

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