Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43 is all set to release on the 1st of December

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43 is just around the corner, bringing some exciting surprises. Moreover, it will also include new cosmetics and skins.

Garena renews the Free Fire Elite Pass every month. The Elite Pass of November had some fantastic rewards and items for all the fans. Let’s have a look at what Elite Pass of December brings.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43: Everything You Need to Know 

Garena has named the 43rd edition of Elite Pass as the “Palace of Poker.” Moreover, it will hit the game on the 1st of December.

Players can already pre-order the Elite Pass and Elite Bundle in the game. Players will get an additional reward, Monster Truck – Poker Monarch skin, for pre-ordering the Elite Bundle. Moreover, players will also get the Jeweled Hearts Bundle directly on its release if they pre-order the Elite Bundle.

The price of the Elite Pass will be 499 diamonds, whereas the cost of the Elite Bundle will be 999 diamonds. 

The Elite Pass holders will get Jeweled Hearts Bundle and Crowned Spades Bundle along with various rewards. Following is the list of some leaked rewards in the upcoming Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43.

  • Grenade – Poker Monarch
  • Poker’s Tyranny Jacket
  • Poker’s Tyranny T-Shirt
  • Poker Monarch Blade
  • Palace of Poker – Card
  • Plasma – Joker
  • Dummy Monarch 
Image Via Garena

Pre-order Free Fire Elite Pass

There are tons of benefits for pre-ordering Elite Pass, including getting Monster Truck – Poker Monarch and direct access to Jeweled Hearts Bundle on its release. Besides this following are the other benefits of pre-ordering the Elite Pass.

  • Unlock access to all Elite Rewards, which is worth more than 10,000 diamonds.
  • Players will get Elite Challenges to earn more badges.
  • Increase of daily gold limit by 100. 
  • Display effect of Glorious Red colour in Killfeed.
  • Tons of Elite Pass exclusive rewards. 

To pre-order Elite Pass, follow the below-given steps.

1: Open Free Fire and Navigate to the Elite Pass Section.

2: Press the new Elite Pass option beside the upgrade button.

3: A dialogue box will appear. Click on “Pre-order,” and click on the button to pay the diamonds. 

4: A dialogue box to confirm the purchase will appear, confirm it to pre-order.

Like always, Garena has done a tremendous job with the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 43. However, it will be exciting to see what more rewards Season 43 brings for us.

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