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Free Fire Free Skins : Legendary Emote and Car Skin

Garena Free Fire brings new cosmetic options for players, including Free skins and bundles with every update. However, most of these items are not available for free, and players have to buy them using in-game currency. But players can claim free Fire free skins.

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Recently, Garena announced a Free Fire crossover event with McLaren racing. This event features a racing theme with a new vehicle and gameplay features. In addition, this event brings a new Vehicle called MCLL to the game. Besides, this vehicle is designed by the McLaren Racing Design Team. 

Moreover, as a result of the collaboration, players can claim an exclusive car skin and emote in the game for free. This article will guide you to claim the exclusive car skin and emote.

Free car skin and emote

As a result of the crossover event between Free Fire and McLaren racing, Garena gives players a chance to get free skins and emotes. McLaren P1 – Helios Car Skin, Win, and Chill emote are available in the new McLaren Top-up event. 

This new skin is different from all the other skins in the game. This skin increases the vehicle’s acceleration and top speed and reduces the damage taken by the players. 

Players can get this skin for free by purchasing 200 diamonds in-game. Moreover, the 200 diamonds will not be used to purchase the skin. Instead, the skin is the reward to purchase 200 diamonds. 

After purchasing 200 diamonds, follow the following steps to claim the skin for free.

Steps to get the skin for free

Step 1: Open the game and open the events section of the game. 

Step 2: In the event section, select the “McLaren Top up” event.

Step 3: Here, press the claim buttons beside the emote and the car skin rewards.

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