Free Fire LEVEL UP

Free Fire to host a tournament of streamers named Free Fire LEVEL UP

Garena to host a tournament, Free Fire LEVEL UP, between streamers from India and Indonesia on Booyah! This tournament will last for two days, from the 24th to the 25th of September. 

This tournament will feature some of the top streamers from both countries. Moreover, fans are excited to watch this tournament and support their favorite streamers. 

Free Fire Level Up Tournament 

Players will play the matches of the tournament in the Battle Royale mode. Six teams from both countries, overall twelve teams, will battle for the ultimate title. 

The points calculation will be similar to the Free Fire Esports professional tournament. Points will be rewarded based on the kills and position of the teams. Moreover, at the end of the tournament, the winning team and winning region will be selected based on the total points. 

The tournament will be exclusively streamed on Booyah! by all the players. 

Free Fire Level Up Tournament rewards for viewers 

Not only the players but the viewers will also get rewards for watching the tournament. Indian viewers will get an exciting opportunity to win exclusive Free fire rewards in the two days of the tournament. 

Moreover, viewers will also get a chance to win Free Fire characters, Weapon Royale vouchers, and Astronaut Packs in a time-limited special event. However, to get these rewards, viewers have to watch the tournament for at least 60 minutes.

Nonetheless, the tournament will also bring new fun polls. In these polls, viewers can vote for the teams which they think will win. Moreover, they can also have an option to discuss the tournament with other players. 

Fans can watch the tournament on the official Booyah!, which is an official app by Garena. This tournament will broadcast on Indian and Indonesian channels on Booyah!

It will be exciting to watch which team and which region wins the Free Fire Level UP. Moreover, it is always fun to watch and support your favorite streamers.

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