Free Fire Moco Rebirth

Free Fire Moco Rebirth Event to release on the 18th of September

Free Fire Moco Rebirth will start from the 18th of September. It is based on a Free Fire character, Moco.  Moreover, this event will bring various exclusive rewards and some changes to the User Interface (UI) of the game.

To unlock the fully awakened Moco, players have to complete various missions. Completion of these missions will reward players with “Moco awakening Emblem.” Players can use these emblems to acquire fully awaken Moco. 

A post by Garena reads, “The Moco: Rebirth event will introduce players to the awakened Moco, an outlaw who aided her friend, Steffi in her escape from prison. In attempting to free Steffi, Moco encounters an old friend, who paves the way for her awakening. As a fully-awakened Moco, Moco is convinced she is not bound by the rules of the world, and is free to live her life however she wishes.”

Free Fire Moco Rebirth Event rewards 

Players will get exclusive Moco items in-game during the event. Moreover, this will also include Moco SPAS-12, Moco AUG, Moco Scythe and Moco Gloo wall.

Image via Garena

Moreover, this event will bring new costumes and Sensei Tig, a new pet, to the game. The event will also reward the players with exclusive pet skins. 

Nonetheless, the event will bring a new User Interface to the Game. It will offer daily log-in rewards, Moco awakening Emblems and more. These Emblems can be used to purchase various items from the Horizon store. 

Free Fire frequently brings new exciting events to surprise all the fans. These events contain a plethora of rewards for the players. However, Free Fire Moco Rebirth is a unique event as it is based on a character from the game. Besides, a new UI will just add ice to the cake.

Free Fire Moco Rebirth brings a ton of new rewards for the players. However, it will be exciting to see what new changes this event brings to the game.

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