Free Fire OB28 Advance Server

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server: Everything you need to know.

Free Fire OB28 is a separate application by Garena Free Fire. This application allows the developers to test the latest features before it hits the main game patch. However, as it is just a test server, not all the features tested in OB28 server hit release in the main patch. 

On the 27th of May this year, the OB28 Advance Server was released by Garena Free Fire. This server tests the features coming with the upcoming patch. In addition, this server also tests the new characters and pets coming to the game before the actual release.

Top 5 features of Free Fire OB28 Advance Server

1. New Settings UI and new options

The User Interface has received a significant upgrade. The new UI is more neat as compared to the older one. Moreover, now it is easier and more accessible to change the settings. 

In addition to this, the new settings included are

Run Mode: This mode will allow players to let their character automatically run in a straight path. Besides, players can either assign it a button or they can drag the joystick in forward direction. 

Grenade Slot: A dedicated slot for grenades is provided. Now,users can now have two slots for grenades, i.e., Gloo Wall and other remaining ones.

2. New Character

A new character, D-Bee, is now available in Free Fire OB28 Server. Bullet Beats is the name of his passive ability. This ability increases the accuracy and movement speed by 35% at level 1. However, when at level 6, the accuracy and movement speed increases by 70%.

3. New Pet

Dr. Beanie is a new pet available in the OB28 server. This pet boosts the speed of players by 30% when crouching at level 1. However, at the pet’s highest level, players gain 60% boost by the pet.

4. New Weapons

In this server, two new firearms, the Kingfisher and Uzi, are added. 

The Kingfisher is an assault rifle whereas the Uzi takes up the pistol slot.

5. New Modes

Rampage mode and Pet Rumble mode are the two new modes added to the OB28 Server. 

Previously Pet Rumble was only accessible in custom room mode. However, in the OB28 server it is also available in the standard game mode.

There is also a new Rampage: New Dawn mode available.

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