Free Fire OB30

Free Fire OB30 update and Free Fire Max to release tomorrow

Free Fire OB30 update and Fire Fire Max, both, are set to release tomorrow. Through the OB30 update, Garena will introduce all the new features and update all the older features of the game. However, Free Fire Max is a more improved and enhanced version of the original game.

Garena will surprise all the Free Fire fans with the OB30 update. This update will bring a ton of new features and rewards. Nonetheless, Free Fire Max will also release globally tomorrow. Fans are eagerly waiting for both the releases. 

Free Fire OB30 update and Free Max: Release time and features 

Both the update and new game will release on the 28th of September on both Android and iOS devices. Android users can install the game and update through the Google Play Store, whereas iOS users can install through the App Store. 

The update and game will be available to download from 10:00 am IST to 11:30 am IST. However, the time might vary on different devices. 

Players should note that the game servers will have a maintenance break before the release of the update. The maintenance break will start between 9:00 am IST to 9:30 am IST. Moreover, players won’t be able to play the game during the maintenance break. 

New features coming to the game 

The game will get a ton of new changes and features. Following are some of the changes we are likely to see tomorrow.

  • Character nerfs including Chrono, Elite Andrew and Wukong
  • New User Interface in guild
  • Replay system
  • Weapon and attachment balance
  • “Airdrop Vending Machine” in battle royale mode
  • Revival Points and Play Zone Adjustments
  • New 6v6 game mode 

Free Fire OB30 and the release of Free Fire Max seems to be the biggest update for the game since its release. However, it will be exciting to see what other changes we will get to see. It seems Garena has huge plans for Free Fire in the future. 

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