Free Fire OB33 Update

Free Fire OB33 Update: New Features, New Character & Release Date

Free Fire OB33 is a separate application by Garena that allows the users to test the latest features and changes in Free Fire before they hit the main server. However, some features might not make it to the main server as it is just a test server.

OB33 server always hypes up the entire community. As it reveals the upcoming major features of the game, all the fans eagerly wait for its announcement. 

The upcoming OB33 update will surely have a lot of new features, and it will give us a taste of the new Zombie Invasion game mode, new weapons, a new character, and more. 

Free Fire OB33 Update: Everything We Know So Far

Given the previous advance server updates, we speculate that OB33 Update will release on the 23rd of March, 2022. We have speculated this based on the update pattern of the advance server, which is one day before the Clash Squad Season ends.

Possible New Features:

New Character: The new “Mystery Character” in Free Fire Advance Server has grabbed the attention of the entire Free Fire Community. 

This Free Fire OB33 Mystery Character comes with the Swordsman’s Wrath ability, which forms a shield that drastically reduces the incoming damage from the front side. 

The following video shows the Swordsman’s Wrath ability of the new “Mystery Character.”

Character Reworks: In the OB33 Update, a few characters will have their abilities reworked. Garena is reworking the characters to balance the current state of the game, making all the characters equally effective. 

New Weapons: The developers have introduced two new weapons to the advanced server, namely, G36 and F2000. Both these guns are assault rifles.

  1. G36: The G36 gun features two firing modes, Assault and Balanced. In assault mode, the rate of fire is relatively high, but the damage is low. On the other hand, in balanced mode, the damage is high, but the rate of fire is low.
  1. F2000: F2000 is a well-balanced gun and only has one default firing mode.

New Pet: The OB33 Update will also bring a new Pet to the game, Zasil. Zasil’s ability is called Extra Luck, and it increases the chances of players to get medkit, inhaler, or repair kit by 25%.

Free Fire OB33 Update seems to bring a lot of new features to the game. However, it will be interesting to see which new features will actually make it to the main servers.

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