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Free Fire OB34 Patch Notes: New Map, Rank System Changes, and more

The Free Fire OB34 advance server update is just around the corner. The OB34 update also brings new features and improvements like every advanced server update.

Garena released an animation show, The Kelly Show, that informs the fans about the significant changes coming to the game with the upcoming update. Moreover, the Kelly Show S03 E03: What’s Up Free Fire talks about the changes and improvements coming with the OB34 update.

Free Fire OB34 Patch Notes 

Following are some of the changes you will see in the upcoming update.

Rank System Changes:

The current Rank System of the game will get a complete renovation with the upcoming update. It will offer an easy and fluid UI. Furthermore, the rewards for ranking up are also better.

Players will get temporary epic gun skins for ranking up to a particular tier. Moreover, players will get exclusive emotes for reaching Heroic and Master ranks.

Ranked Season Rewards:

Players will get a Golden M14 after reaching Gold 3 Tier in the upcoming season.  

New Game Mode and Map:

The upcoming update will bring a new game mode with a new map. The new game mode will be called Bomb Squad, and it will be played between two teams, each team consisting of five players. On the other hand, the new map will be called El Pastelo with two bomb sites, and the Bomb Squad mode will be playable on the El Pastelo map.

Craftland Mode: 

The Craftland mode from Free Fire Mad will also come to the Free Fire standard game with the upcoming update. In this game mode, players will be able to construct their maps.

New Sniper Rifle 

With the upcoming update, a new sniper rifle, M24, will be introduced to the game. It is a light sniper rifle with excellent mobility. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see how players will utilise this new gun. 

Weapon Changes: 

The VSS and KAR98K will be receiving a nerf, whereas the SCAR will receive a buff. These changes will improve the stability of guns.

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Free Fire OB34 advanced server looks interesting. However, it will be exciting to see these changes in action in the stable version of the game. 

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