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Total Gaming became the champion of Free Fire Pro League India 2021.

Total Gaming won the grand finals of Free Fire Pro League India 2021 to become the champions of the Indian region. A total of 12 teams played the grand finals and, Total Gaming emerged as the champions.

Total Gaming won the tournament and took away the huge prize of Rs. 15 lakhs. However, TSM FTX finished in 2nd position behind Total Gaming by just eight points and took away Rs. 7,50,000. Moreover, Team Elite finished at 3rd rank just by one point.

Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Summer Grand Finals.

In the grand finals, the top 12 teams played a total of six matches to compete against each other. Team D Esports secured the first match of grand finals to their name. However, in the second match, Survivor 4AM dominated the map of Purgatory and won the map.

In the third map of Kalahari, Galaxy Racer Esports got the BOOYAH! Total Gaming Esports managed to secure the fourth map of Bermuda.

Team Last Breath won the fifth map of Purgatory. However, in the final map of the FFPL 2021 Summer Grand Finals, Team Captains took the BOOYAH! in the map of Kalahari.

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The overall standing:

Sr. No.TeamTotal KillsTotal Points
1Total Gaming Esports3579
2TSM FTX2671
3Team Elite2170
44 Unknown1461
5Team Captains2160
6Survivor 4AM1460
7Team Chaos1959
8Team D Esports2953
9Last Breath1842
10Galaxy Racer Esports1438
11Life Hackers729
12S8UL Esports824

From the perspective of Garena, Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Summer was a huge success. Moreover, this tournament attracted more organisations towards the Free Fire Esports scene. Nonetheless, it also attracted many new Esports players and sponsors. It will be exciting to see how Indian teams perform at the international level. 

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