Free Fire Ranked Season 23

Free Fire Ranked Season 23 Starts: Everything You Need Know

Free Fire Ranked Season 23 is live now. The ranks were locked now as Season 22 ended recently. Moreover, players can collect the end-season rewards. 

Free Fire Ranked Season 23 

Today, at 12:30 pm IST, season 22 came to an end. In addition, Ranked Season 23 started at 2:30 pm IST. 

Rank Reset:

Following are the rank-reset details –

  • Players that are ranked between Bronze 1 and 3 will be demoted to Bronze 1.
  • Silver 1 to 3 players shall move to Bronze 2.
  • Gold 1 to 4 players will move to Silver 1.
  • Between Platinum 1 and 4, players go to Silver 2.
  • Between Diamond 1 and 4, players rank down to Gold 1.
  • Players that are in Heroic or higher rank down to Gold 2.

Moreover, players  will now have to play and increase their ranks in Free Fire Ranked Season 23.

Today Garena officially revealed the new season rewards.

(Image Cr: Garena)


  • Bronze I to Bronze III: 1000 Gold Coins
  • Silver I to Silver III: 1500 Gold Coins
  • Gold I to Gold IV: 2000 Gold Coins
  • Platinum I to Platinum IV: : 2500 Gold Coins
  • Diamond I to Diamond IV: 3000 Gold Coins
  • Heroic: 5000 Gold Coins + Season 22 Heroic Avatar
  • Grandmaster I: Battle Royale Grandmaster I Banner (60 Days) + Battle Royale Grandmaster Avatar (60 Days)
  • Also, for Grandmaster II: Battle Royale Grandmaster II Banner (60 Days) + Battle Royale Grandmaster Avatar (60 Days)
  • Grandmaster III: Battle Royale Grandmaster III Banner (60 Days) + Battle Royale Grandmaster Avatar (60 Days)

The BR Ranked Seasons reset after some months. These seasons bring new rewards and missions for players.

In addition, this time the news season has arrived as soon as the previous one ended. This is something good as players were waiting for the new season.

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