Free Fire Season 41 Elite Pass

Free Fire Season 41 Elite Pass : Free Rewards, Theme

On Friday, October 1, the Free Fire Season 41 Elite Pass was available. Garena has added a new Mesmerizing Nights theme to the new season pass. In addition, there is a slew of in-game goodies.

However, the Facepaint (Tale of Eclipse) was given to those who pre-ordered the Elite Pass. 

There is a variety of cool stuff available now that the new season pass is live in Free Fire. It includes gun skins, avatars, fragment crates, emotes, and token boxes. 

In contrast, here’s all you need to know about the new Elite Pass in Free Fire:

Free Fire Season 41 Elite Pass: Price & Elite Bundle

The new Season Elite Pass, like past Free Fire passes, is available in two paid versions: Elite Pass and Elite Bundle. However, the former will cost 499 diamonds, while the latter would cost you 999.

Theme & Rewards:

Moreover, the Mesmerizing Nights theme is included in this month’s Elite Pass, which includes both free and premium goodies that can be obtained by spending Free Fire in-game currency. 

Here’s the list if you don’t want to spend gems but still want to get the new Season Pass rewards:

Free rewards:

  • 50 Gold (0 Badges)
  • Faraway Serenity Avatar (5 Badges)
  • 3x Scan (10 Badges)
  • 1x Pet Food (20 Badges)
  • 1x Gold Voucher (30 Badges)
  • Tale of Eclipse Jacket (40 Badges)
  • 1x Diamond Royale Voucher (50 Badges)
  • 1x Fragment Crate (60 Badges)
  • Discount Coupon (70 Badges) x1
  • 1x Pet Food (80 Badges)
  • 1x Evo Gun Token Box (85 Badges)
  • 300 Gold (90 Badges)
  • Lunaris T-Shirt (100 Badges)
  • 3x Summon Airdrop (120 Badges)
  • 1x Gold Voucher (130 Badges)
  • 3x Resupply Map (140 Badges)
  • 1x Evo Gun Token Box (145 Badges)
  • Unseen Wonders Banner (150 Badges)
  • 500 Gold (160 Badges)
  • 1x Fragment Case II (170 Badges)
  • 3x Bonfires (180 Badges)
  • 1x Gold Royale Voucher (190 Badges)
  • Lapis Jubilee Parachute (200 Badges)
  • 1x Evo Gun Token Box (205 Badges)
  • 3x Gold Royale Voucher (210 Badges)
  • 3x Bounty Token (220 Badges)
  • 500x Universal Fragment (225 Badges)

Following are the premium rewards –

Premium Rewards:

  • ‘Sultanah of Cerulea’ Female Bundle
  • SPAS12 Skin
  • Backpack
  • Banner
  • Bike Skin
  • Avatar
  • ‘Tale of Eclipse’ Female Jacket
  • M249 Mesmerizing Skin
  • ‘Fancy Steps’ Emote
  • ‘Magic Carpet’ Surfboard Skin
  • ‘Dome of Genie’ Loot Box Skin
  • ‘Sultan of Lapis’ Male Bundle

While the premium things will cost you diamonds, if you don’t want to pay actual money, there are a few more ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire. 

However, they are not so easy. They are GPT apps, giveaways, and so on.

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