BLAST Spring Finals

Gambit beats Na’Vi in BLAST Spring Finals to become the champions.

Team Gambit managed to beat Team Na’Vi by 2-0 in BLAST Spring Finals. Team Gambit proved themselves as the best CS: GO team by winning the third major CS:GO trophy this year. Besides, Team Gambit not just won but dominated the finals without losing a single match.

Before the beginning of the grand finals, Na’Vi won against G2 Esports in the lower bracket final earlier in the day. In the first match, G2 Esports selected the map Mirage. However, Na’Vi dominated the first map. But in the second map, Dust2, G2 Esports managed to win the match and tied the score. However, in the final map of Nuke, Na’Vi managed to win the match. 

BLAST Spring Finals

Although Team Na’Vi dominated against G2 Esports, Team Gambit dominated Team Na’Vi in the grand finals. In both the maps, Mirage and Dust2, Team Na’Vi showed some mechanical and strategic mistakes. Moreover, the Na’Vi players would bait out their teammates, miss sprays, and sometimes neglect to hold angles in both maps. 

On the first map, Dust2, Team Gambit managed to set the score to 10-5 on the T-Side. However, They managed to win the map by 16-12.

On the second map, Mirage, Na’Vi won the first three rounds but, in the end, Gambit won the second map with 16-11, closing out the series. 

Team Gambit

Team Gambit is dominating all the tournaments since the Gambit academy team was promoted to the main roster last year. They have surpassed all the expectations and won three major CS:GO tournaments this year. They have won IEM Katowice, IEM Summer, and the BLAST Spring Finals. Besides, they were also the runner-ups at the ESL Pro League.

As the StarLadder CIS Regional Major Rankings event is starting just a week from today, both the teams, Team Gambit and Team Na’Vi have a little time to relax. However, it will be exciting to see which team will dominate the upcoming tournament. 

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