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Garena and Alok Institute allocates Rs. 6 crores for the development of youth education in India

Garena and DJ Alok’s Alok Institute invests Rs. 6 crores for education development in India. Garena is an online games developer, whereas DJ Alok is a Brazilian Superstar. Both of them have taken a step to provide better education for 4000 children and more in India. 

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in India. Moreover, DJ Alok has many fans in India due to his Free Fire stream and his character in Free Fire. Both these entities have collaborated to raise a fund of Rs. 6 crores to develop education in India.

Garena and Alok Institute takes a step to provide better education for children in India

Garena and DJ Alok’s Alok Institue have collaborated with three nonprofit organizations to help improve children’s education in India. Moreover, the main goal of this collaboration is to support initiatives that promote education for underserved children, protect children from child labor, enrich villages holistically, and strengthen the work of innovative young children across India.

Current goals of Garena and DJ Alok

  1. Alok Ins and Garena will help Kailash Satyarthi Children Foundation. They will develop villages in Madhya Pradesh and promote education for 4,000 children.
  2. Alok Ins and Garena will help Ashoka International. They will fund projects developed by five young and innovative minds.
  3. Alok Ins and Garena will help Lokaa Foundation. They will develop the village of Mokkalachenu into a sustainable village by improving the infrastructure. Moreover they will also help to improve the education and environmental protection.
Image via DJ Alok

“India has a special place in my heart and my career, and I want to express my gratitude by giving back to the community.” said DJ Alok. Further he added, “The Alok Institute’s mission is to promote transformational changes and improve the lives of thousands of people. Each of the organizations we are working with embodies that ethos by focusing on programs that deliver tangible outcomes.”

Harold Teo, the Free Fire producer at Garena, said, “At Garena, our mission is to better lives through technology, and we are passionate about making a positive contribution to our communities.” Further, he added, “Everyone involved in this initiative is focused on creating a meaningful and long-lasting impact for young people in India, particularly those in underserved communities. We are honoured to partner with the Alok Institute to support these programs.”

The contribution by Garena and Alok Institute to provide better education for children in India is worth noting. Moreover, it is delightful to see how the giant companies of Esports industries are investing in the development of India. 

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