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Garena banned 7,54,079 Free Fire accounts for cheating

In a recent facebook post, Garena revealed that they have banned 7,54,079 Free Fire accounts for cheating. They have also mentioned some of the actions that may lead to a ban. 

In a short span of two weeks, Garena banned over 7.5 lakh accounts. Moreover, 45.1 percent of the total accounts were led to ban after multiple complaints. Nonetheless, Garena banned around 14,762 accounts for intentionally playing with the hackers.

Garena has a solid anti-hack operations team to keep the game fair to play. However, the cheating problem has been getting severe in the past few months. Hence, Garena noted this and banned all the cheaters.

Free Fire Anti-Hack Operations Statistics 

Garena banned 7,54,079 accounts for cheating and more 14,762 accounts for playing with cheaters. Out of all the banned cheaters, 62 percent of cheaters were using auto-aim. Seventeen percent of cheaters were using teleporting cheats, and 15.6 percent were using cheats that allow them to shoot and see through the walls. The remaining 5.4 percent of cheaters were using other cheats.

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Actions that may lead to a ban 

In the post, Garena also mentioned the actions which may lead an account to ban. Following are the actions. 

  1. Using modified or unauthorized game clients.
  2. Use of unauthorized tools that interact with the Free Fire game client.
  3. Using non-official programs to provide an edge to gameplay.
  4. Modifying model files to gain unfair advantages.
  5. Utilizing glitches or bugs to exploit gaming experience.
  6. Being reported by multiple players and detected for abnormal gameplay simultaneously.
  7. Bypassing Free Fire anti-hack system via illicit local data transfer. 

If a player does any of the actions mentioned above, the player will get a ban. Moreover, if a player plays with a cheater, the player will also get a ban.

In all the games, cheating always ruins the fun of the game. Free Fire has done a great job in punishing the cheaters. 

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