Free Fire accounts for cheating 

Garena banned over 4.9 million Free Fire accounts for cheating 

According to a recent post, Garena banned 4,930,727 Free Fire accounts in the last two weeks for cheating. The current report shows a 90 percent increment in the numbers from the previous report.

In a mere span of two weeks, Garena banned 4,930,727 accounts for cheating. Of all the banned accounts, Garena banned 49.51 percent of the total accounts after reports by multiple players.

Garena has a robust anti-hack system, which ensures that the game remains fair for all players. However, the hacks become more effective over time, so developers have to continue improving their anti-cheat system to keep it healthy.

Free Fire accounts ban notice 

Garena banned 4,930,727 accounts for cheating, which is a whopping 90 percent increment from the last report. Moreover, from all the cheaters banned, 35.2 percent of cheaters were using auto-aim.

28.7 percent of cheaters were using cheats that allow the players to shoot and see through the walls. 24.4 percent of cheaters were using the Antenna cheat, whereas 5.8 percent were using a cheat that allowed them to teleport. However, the remaining 5.9 percent of cheaters were using other remaining cheats.

Tips from Garena for legitimate players to avoid ban

At the end of the post, Garena mentions a tip for all the players to avoid getting banned from the Anti-hack system. The tip reads, “DO NOT INTENTIONALLY TEAM UP WITH HACKERS TO RANK UP. IF OUR ANTI-HACK TEAM DETECTS AND CONFIRMS SUCH ACTIONS, YOUR RANK WILL BE RESET.”

Garena has been consistently banning Free Fire accounts for cheating for a long time now. Moreover, they also post a detailed report of the Anti-hack system every month.

The Antihack system is always active and instantly detects and bans cheaters’ accounts. Most importantly, the ban is irreversible, which means if an account is banned, it cannot be unbanned before the ban period.

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