Everything You Need to Know About Genshin Impact Version 1.3

Genshin impact developer MiHoYo won’t stop updating this game. MiHoYo also announced that they plan to release new contents for the game every 6 weeks. Version 1.3 is the third major update to Genshin Impact and is set to launch in February. The update will bring brand new events and characters.

Version 1.3 pre-load begins on January 31 at 19:00 PST / 22:00 EST and February 1 at 3:00 GMT.

Here’s everything we need to know about Genshin Impact version 1.3:-

  • Genshin Impact 1.3 includes controller support, pre-installation support for updates on mobile, and more.
  • 1.3 update will also let players hold down a button to increase or decrease the amount consumed while enhancing.
  • The new characters that will be released with the 1.3 updates have been confirmed to the anemo user, Xiao. Xiao will have his own quest with his release.
  • New items and gadgets are:-
  • Parametric Transformer: A special converter that transforms unwanted items in your inventory into new level up items.
  • Dust Of Azoth: A special ingredient that can change elemental items of certain elements into another element.
  • There will exciting new quests and events for gacha gamers:-
  • Xiao’s Story Quest: All That Glitters.
  • Lantern Rite: Travel with Xiao and unlock the Event. This event will have 3 Phases:
  • Lantern Rite Tales.
  • Theater Mechanicus.
  • Xiao Market.
  • Stand By Me Event: Complete challenges and get a free 4★ Liyue Character.
  •  Five Flushes Of Fortune: Complete photo challenges and exchange photos for rewards.
  • Tianqiu Treasure Trail: Complete quest to get Parametric Transformer.

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