Global Esports Qualify VCC

Global Esports Qualify VCC India Against Team XO

Global Esports have qualified Valorant Conquerors Championship India with their exceptional gameplay. They competed against Team XO in the Finals. It was the second qualifying round of VCC.  

Global Esports is the second team to qualify VCC. On the other hand, Velocity Gaming too, have qualified after dominating all the other teams.

Global Esports Vs Team XO:

In the Valorant Conquerors Championship India Qualifier 2, Global Esports faced Team XO in the Grand Finals. The following were the five maps chosen for the best-of-five series:

  • Haven
  • Ascent
  • Icebox
  • Bind
  • Split


It was a clean sweep by Global Esports! In contrast, they already took the lead in the initial rounds of the match. Here’s the overall scoreboard –

  1. Haven: 13-1

In Haven, Global Esports completely dominated and defeated Team XO by a score of 13-1. When GE gained an 11-1 lead in the first half, the game was already gone. In the second half, Team XO was unable to recover, and GE easily won.

  1. Ascent: 13-9

Team XO tried to pull off some of GE’s domination in the first few minutes of the second map, Ascent, but GE still led 7-5 at halftime. GE looked strong in the second half, and despite Team XO’s perseverance, they couldn’t match SkRossi’s perfection. Global eSports won map 2 by a score of 13-9.

  1. Icebox: 13-10

In Icebox, both sides played carefully in the first half. The score was equal at 6-6. Moreover, Skrossi was able to showcase his skills once again in the second half. GE won 13-10 over Team XO.

Image Via Nodwin Gaming


  • 21 Kills – Skrossi  (in Haven)
  • 19 Kills – Skrossi  (in Ascent) 
  • 20 Kills – Skrossi  (in Icebox)


  1. Global Esports
  • Skillz
  • Kappa
  • Hellranger
  • Skrossi
  • Lightningfast
  • Snrlx
  1. Team XO
  • Psy
  • Whimp
  • Ghost
  • Excali
  • Gops

However, Team XO still has a chance to get a slot in VCT 2021. For this, they will have to grind harder and qualify the Wild Card Entry round. Also, if Team XO plays well, they still might get back into the massive event. 

In addition, the VCC Wild Card Qualifier will be played on August 14th and 15th. Let’s see which team makes it to the grand Valorant Champions Tour.  

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