Global Esports to be Coached by Cloud9 Shinobi for VCT APAC LCQ

Global Esports have finally announced their coach for VCT APAC LCQ. Josh ‘Shinobi’ Abastado, a professional esports player from Cloud9 will train GE. 

However, Shinobi will be a temporary coach for GE. 

Ganesh ‘SkRossi’ Gangadhar announced this during a livestream. Also, he answered some more questions regarding the event. 

About C9 Shinobi:

Josh Abastado, aka C9 Shinobi is a professional esports player. He recently played for Cloud9 as the IGL of the team. 

Later on, he left C9 as an esports player. But he continues to train the C9 roster. He mentors the NA roster in getting rankings in Valorant Esports.

He has started mentoring the GE roster for the event. Shinobi and the team have been working together for the past 4-5 days. 

For coaching according to the timings, SkRossi revealed that Shinobi guides them before the match. Then there are discussions after 2-3 maps.

Global Esports  

GE will play the VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifiers. Various regions will participate in the event. Further, the best teams of the tournament will move ahead to the next stage of VCT .

The next and the final stage is the VCT Champions. 

Global Esports is the only team from South Asia in VCT 2021. This means that they will not only represent India, but also the entire South Asia region.

The event is an online event, instead of a LAN. GE will move to Thailand for the APAC LCQ. 

However, GE intended to house its roster in Singapore. But it couldn’t, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions in Singapore.

The team will go to Thailand in the first week of October.

In Thailand, they will get lower ping, so they  will have their own temporary bootcamp. This will provide Global Esports’ Valorant roster a fair opportunity versus the other teams.

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