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GodLike Esports acquires the entire Team IND CODM ex-roster

Team IND bids farewell to their COD Mobile roster on the 17th of October. On the other hand, GodLike Esports signs the entire CODM ex-roster of Team IND. 

Godlike Esports is a well-known Indian Esports organization. Acquisition of the new CODM roster will only improve things for the team.

Team IND bids farewell to their COD Mobile roster

In a recent Instagram post, Team IND bids farewell to their CODM roster. The caption to the post reads, “We bid farewell to our CODM roster. We had some great moments along with you. Wishing you the best for your future endeavors.”

The CODM roster of Team IND had a great run and showed a consistent performance throughout all the tournaments. Nonetheless, they have also represented India at the international level. However, due to some unknown reasons, Team IND had to bid farewell to them.

Following are all the players from the ex-Team IND CODM roster.

  1. Jash “Learn” Shah
  2. Anirudh “Vegaz” Vhavle
  3. Zeel “Neutrino” Patel
  4. Sameer “Broszxs” Sinha
  5. Rishi “TrunKs” Dubey
  6. Chiranthan “Burnz” Shetty 

In addition, Jash “Learn” Shah was also nominated for the Esports Awards Mobile Player of the year 2021

GodLike Esports signs the entire Team IND COD Mobile ex-roster 

In a recent Instagram post, GodLike Esports welcomes its new CODM roster. Godlike Esports has signed the ex-roster of Team IND, and they will be playing under the flag of GodLike Esports.

About Godlike Esports

GodLike Esports is one of the leading Esports organizations in India founded by Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude in 2018. Moreover, GodLike also hosts a huge number of talented Esports players and content creators. Moreover, Godlike has been an enormous part of the Indian Gaming Community in the past couple of years.

Kronten recently posted a story on his Instagram about the future of Godlike Esports. In addition, he also mentioned about the global expansion and some surprises. The acquisition of the new COD Mobile roster seems to be the starting of his big plans for the organization.

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