Godlike Esports International

Godlike Esports Goes International

Godlike Esports International line-up has been announced. On 29 July, Godlike announced its partnership with an international team. 

The PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022 is around the corner. Now Godlike Esports will also join this event. 

From India, Team Soul and 7 Sea Esports have already qualified for the tournament. 

Team Soul won the BMPS S1 to win their slot for this prestigious event. Meanwhile, 7 Sea Esports took the title of Champions of the very first official LAN. 

Godlike Esports International Line-up

Godlike Esports have announced their partnership with Stalwart Esports. So players from both the teams will form a team to play in the event.  

Godlike Esports has the following players –

  1. Jonathan “Jonathan” Amaral
  2. Suraj “Neyoo” Majumdar
  3. Abhishek “ZGod” Chaudhary
  4. Vivek “Clutchgod” Horo

Stalwart Esports is an India-based esports organisation. Their team has players from Mongolia, competing in PUBG Mobile Esports in their region.

Stalwart Esports has the following players –

  1. Skryyy
  2. TOP
  3. pikA 
  4. Action

It is a massive collaboration of an Indian organisation with an international line-up. It will be wonderful to watch two powerful teams coming together and fighting in the event. 

Meanwhile, BGMI has just got banned in India. Fans are worried if the teams will be able to represent India in the competition. 

The government of India banned PUBG Mobile in 2020. After that, the game came back in 2021, a year-long gap in esports. Recently, they banned BGMI too, stating the same reasons of data infringement. 

BGMI Esports reached a new level when Star Sports aired it live on TV. But it seems like it isn’t going any further. 

The PMWI 2022 will go live on 11th August. Krafton is still trying its best to bring back the game. 

Since the event is in early August, teams may get to participate. Let’s hope for the best till further announcements. 
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