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GodLike Esports released their Valorant roster, Deathmaker to join Velocity Gaming

After an unsuccessful run, GodLike Esports bid farewell to their Valorant roster. GodLike made the announcement on their official Instagram handle

Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude, owner of GodLike, started Esports journey by signing a PUBG Mobile roster. Moreover, it was one of the most successful PUBG Mobile teams in India. Nonetheless, their PUBG Mobile roster represented India at international level. 

GodLike Esports bids farewell to their Valorant roster 

GodLike entered the Valorant Esports scene by signing the former FaR Esports’ Valorant roster at the end of 2020. This was their first PC Esports line up. Since then, the team has shuffled their roster multiple times. 

GodLike signed Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose in June 2021 and finalised their Valorant roster for the Valorant Conquerors Championship. However, the roster did not perform the way they expected it to. 

On the 7th of September, GodLike released Deathmaker in the morning. In the evening, they bid farewell to the entire roster all of a sudden. However, the in-game leader of GodLike, Vishal “Haivaan” Sharma, will continue as content creator for GodLike Esports. 

In the post, GodLike mentioned that they will be taking a break from PC Esports. However, they will be returning to the PC Esports in 2021 fall or as early as 2022. 

Deathmaker joins Velocity Gaming 

After the disbanding of the previous roster, Debanjan “DEATHMAKER” Das has joined the active roster of Velocity Gaming. It claims to be the highest buy-out in the country. 

Mohit “mw1” Wakle had to take a temporary break from Valorant Esports due to his college studies. As mw1 was in the active roster, Velocity Gaming needed a replacement for mw1. However, mw1 will still be included in the roster of Velocity Gaming. 

The current roster of Velocity Gaming includes

  1. Deathmaker
  2. Amaterasu
  3. Rite2Ace
  4. Hellfighter
  5. Vibhor
  6. Marzil
  7. MW1

As mentioned in the post, GodLike Esports will be back soon to Valorant Esports with a new roster. On the other hand, Velocity Gaming has seen many Valorant roster changes in the last few months. However, the new roster seems very promising. 

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